Your Amazon Echo just got a huge improvement and this is how you use it

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  • December 7, 2018
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Amazon Echo is hugely-popular thanks to its affordable price tag and wide-range of features.

Although the hardware comes in a number of different varieties, the core Alexa functionality inside remains the same.

Amazon regularly updates its speaker line to make it more interactive and intelligent overall.

And now the tech behemoth has announced the newest addition that is rolling out to Echo devices, allowing Echo owners to have conversations with Alexa to find suitable playlists.

If the user says “Alexa, what should I play?”, the speaker will then enquire about music tastes and other preferences.

Such a functionality appears set to deliver a more personalised audio experience for Amazon fans.

Explaining the newest Echo feature, Amazon said: “Coming soon, customers will also be able to ask, ‘Alexa, recommend some new music’ to further help with discovery or simply, ‘Alexa, what should I play?’

“By using cues from your previous listening habits, and asking a few simple questions regarding your favourite genres, eras, and other preferences, Alexa will be able to anticipate what customers are in the mood to hear, and suggest relevant music, or new releases tailored to them.”

The new feature is designed to work with Amazon Music and is rolling out on Echo hardware and apps where Alexa is installed, according to The Verge.

Amazon Echo’s newest feature comes as the company has asked for customer help in order to make Alexa smarter.

The firm announced a new initiative yesterday called Alexa Answers that will allow customers to answer questions for the virtual helper that it does not know the answers to yet.

Discussing Alexa Answers, Amazon stated: “Beginning today, via invitation-only, customers can add answers and information to Alexa through a new feature we call Alexa Answers.

“Those who receive an invite via email can start contributing answers to Alexa today. We’re excited to get Alexa customers involved.

“In the last month, through our internal Alexa Answers beta program, we’ve added more than 100,000 responses which have been given to customers millions of times.”

Amazon added those who have received invites for the programme will be able to answer questions for others.

If Alexa answers a query that has been provided by a customer, it will attribute its response accordingly.

Amazon went on: “The Alexa Answers website allows invited customers to answer questions, asked by other customers, that Alexa currently does not know the answer to.

“Topics are varied and range from science to geography to music. Once on the website, customers can browse through topic categories, select a question that appeals to them, type their response, and click ‘submit’.

“After a customer submits the answer, the answer may be given to Alexa customers. Then, when the next customer asks Alexa the question answered by the community, Alexa will have access to that answer and can choose to respond by attributing the response to ‘an Amazon customer’ before providing the answer.”

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