Henry Cavill shows off a Witcher fight scene on Jimmy Kimmel

The Witcher star Henry Cavill swung by Jimmy Kimmel recently to talk about how he became a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, being shamed into doing his own stunts by Tom Cruise, and taking part in Thanksgiving despite being British. He also spent a bit of time talking about The Witcher series on Netflix, and showed off a brief clip of sword-swinging action and an appearance by a very strange-looking partner.

The Witcher clip begins at 6:20 if you want to get straight to the goods, and yes, it’s very short. I can’t shake the feeling that it’s not entirely convincing, either. Maybe I’m still locked into the raw brutality of the Hound going out for a nice chicken dinner, but this brawl hits me as a little too choreographed and bloodless. Not that it’s possible to make any sort of judgment based on such a short clip, but the world of The Witcher is a rough and ugly one, and I really hope that carries over in full force to the Netflix series, even in the nice neighborhoods.