Apple AirPods – Why now might be a bad time to buy these earbuds

Apple AirPods debuted alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus back in 2016, meaning the product is over two years old at this point.

Because the accessory has not been updated since its debut, rumours about a successor to the product have been ripe for some time.

Back in June of last year Bloomberg issued a report, citing people “familiar with the matter”, insisting Apple Inc was set to debut “higher-end AirPods” as early as this year.

It was added the American tech giant was planning to deliver new versions of the wireless buds that feature “noise-cancellation and water resistance”.

Water resistance was clarified to mean providing protection against sweat and rain rather than surviving a drop in water.

Moreover, it was also declared the American tech giant was working to increase the range in which AirPods could be operated away from both iPhone and iPad devices.

At the time it was stated the product would “likely” cost more than the £159 asking price for the current AirPods available.

The increased price tag suggested the new version of the product would stand alongside the existing buds rather than replace them.

Bloomberg’s report added Apple Inc had reportedly discussed the idea of adding health equipment into the new claimed version of AirPods.

The implementation of biometric sensors similar to a heart-rate monitor were discussed.

Moreover, it was also stated the current version of AirPods would be updated later in 2018 to bring “Hey Siri” functionality, however this did not come to fruition.

It is worth noting at the start of Apple’s iPhone keynote in September a film was shown where a woman wearing AirPods took advantage of the feature.

However this was not commented on by Apple during the event.

While not much had been discussed about new AirPods since the Bloomberg article was published, a new report from Digitimes yesterday echoed similar claims.

The outlet stated Apple Inc will release “AirPods 2 sometime in the first half of 2019”, indicating it may not be long until a new version of the product is unveiled.

Moreover, it was also noted the hardware will come with “health monitoring functions”, similar to that mentioned in Bloomberg’s story last year.

Digitimes said: “In terms of wireless headsets, Apple is set to release AirPods 2 sometime in the first half of 2019, and the new wireless earbuds with discrete designs to carry health monitoring functions are expected to receive enthusiastic market responses.

“Other brand vendors have all planned to launch wireless headsets in the year, with market competition seen to heat up soon.”

During the reveal of AirPower in 2017, Apple subtly showed off a new case for AirPods that supported wireless charging.

Since its debut the case has not released, suggesting the American tech firm could be planning to release it once AirPower is also ready.

It is unknown if the new case would be sold as an accessory to AirPods or if new models of the buds would come with wireless charging capabilities.

If the claims from Digitimes are accurate, it could mean purchasing a pair of AirPods now may result in customers facing disappointment if a new version for the product is announced in the coming months.

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